About the Film



August 16, 1977. The undisputed King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, dies in Memphis, Tennessee.


August 29, 1977. Three desperate men are arrested - accused of plotting to steal the body of Elvis, all for a King's ransom.


It's a story few have heard, and one you will never forget.


For the first time, Raymond "Bubba" Green, the ringleader of these alleged body snatchers, tells his story about the conspiracy, the plan, and the aftermath of the raid on Elvis' tomb.


Discover the whirlwind of corruption and greed that drove an unthinkable crime, grave robbing the most famous corpse in America.


Who was the mysterious stranger with the briefcases full of maps, photos, and cash? Who was really behind the plot - and who benefited from this dark and dangerous plan?


Bubba Green tells all in this mysterious chapter in the legend of Elvis Presley. A chapter that would have lasting implications for the legacy of the greatest icon in music.


Bubba Green - "The Man Who Dared to Steal the King."